About Angelos

I was born in Melbourne, Australia. When I was around 2.5 years old I moved to Greece where I grew up – this explains my funny accent. I obtained my bachelor degree in Psychology at University of Crete – yes, Crete has a University, it is not only a place for vacations. In 2008 I moved to Amsterdam where I completed a research master degree at University of Amsterdam as a scholar of the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation. Immediately after I started a PhD under the supervision of Tom Beckers, Merel Kindt, and Marieke Effting – while still being a scholar of the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation. During my PhD I spent 2 months in Sydney where I worked together with Peter Lovibond – this period did not really change my accent. In January 2015 I started a Post-Doc at University of Amsterdam again with Tom Beckers. In October 2015 I started working with Iris Engelard at Utrecht University. During that post-doc I spent 3 months at New York University under the supervision of Isaac Galatzer-Levy. In October 2018 I started working 80% at KU Leuven under the supervision of Johan Vlaeyen and Geert Crombez (Ghent University). I still work for 20% at Utrecht University with Iris Engelhard.

My full CV can be found here.

Photo credit: Ilse van de Groep.

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